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  • Welcome to our blog

    19th Aug 2019 by

    So, we have decided to start writing our own blog. Here you will find lots of details about all of the care labels we supply and lots of information regarding why you need care labels in your products. This is the first post on our new blog. We are just getting this new blog going,… Read more

  • Laundry Basics – True or False About Treating Tough Stains!

    25th Sep 2019 by

    While it’s always recommended to treat clothing stains as quickly as possible, some stains are are just so tough (grass, ink, blood, grease, etc.) that it’s even more important to pre-treat them right away. It’s always best to test a hidden area of the fabric first, in case the fabric is too delicate. Also, if… Read more

  • How should the product be labelled?

    21st Aug 2019 by

    All items must carry a label indicating the fibre content, either on the item or the packaging. The label should be durable, easily legible, visible and accessible. If the product is supplied to a wholesaler the indication may be contained within business documents – the invoice, for example. A textile product consisting of two or… Read more

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