Who Are Wash Care Labels?

If you would like to find us on the world wide web, our website is www.washcarelabels.co.uk

Suppliers of Wash Care Labels of course!

Part of the Lancer Labels Ltd group, we specialise in printing care labels, with over 20 years of experience, we’re here to help you with all your care labelling requirements. In 2014 we relocated our Business to Greenham Business Park, near Newbury in Berkshire (a former M.O.D. & Royal Air Force station used during the Second World War). We come here to be able to reach and support more of our customers.

What are we going to blog about?

Put Simply, mostly about care labels, with lots of other informative information about the world of care labels too.

We have started this blog, because it occurred to us having been supplying care labels for many years now, that we have become experts in our field. And feel that we should be sharing this information with you on a Blog in the hope that you can interact with us, helping to improve how we do things for our customers and you may even learn something from us too.

As care labels are a legal requirement, we will be offering plenty of advice about this, all the various products available in care labelling industry, designing and printing care labels and keeping you up to date with latest news. We hope to connect to as many people as possible over the next year, learning from each other, always improving, so we can continue to offer the excellent customer service that you all deserve.

One of our main goals to work with manufactures to develop labels made from eco friendly recycled materials. We strongly believe that the use of recycled yarns has numerous social and economic benefits. It helps promote sustainability and allows Companies to use this to promote their own social and environmental awareness. We will certainly spend some time blogging about this at a later date.

For now we will leave you with this question, that so many people will be able to relate too. Why do I find myself cutting irritating care labels out of my clothing?

Stay Tuned to find out why……..

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Suppliers of wash care labels

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